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What To Do If You Don’t Love Your Dress

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It was once your dream wedding dress, it made you feel like a princess, fitted like a glove and you even had your mum in tears. But what do you when you go home and something just doesn’t feel completely right about your chosen bridal gown?

There may be something worrying you about the dress, perhaps some time has passed and your bridal style or wedding theme has changed, or maybe you’ve just lost the magic and fallen out of love with the one dress that should make you feel WOW. Whatever the reason, don’t panic! As we have put together a few solutions on what to do when you start feeling that dreaded dress regret…

Try it on again

When it comes to planning a wedding, we know more than anyone that you can over think EVERY little detail. You may have gone home after purchasing your dream dress and forgotten about how amazing it made you look and feel. After all, the small details of your dress can be easily forgotten when you tried on 25 gowns in the space of one hour and you didn’t get a photograph! Set up an appointment with your boutique to go back and try on your wedding dress again. You may just need a quick refresher to remind you of why you bought in the first place, you may want to try it with a veil or accessory you’ve purchased or you might find that there’s a detail you just don’t love.

Add a little pizzazz

Don’t ditch the dress just yet, as one look can be completely transformed with a statement accessory or fashion garment! If your wedding dress is too plain or you don’t feel it accentuates your figure, why not add a bridal belt to clinch in your waist and add some sparkle. You may want to consider adding a statement piece of jewellery whether it is a floral crown, necklace or earrings to add a little detail or you can even opt for a bridal ‘topper’ or bolero to give you two looks in one! Whether you opt for a delicate lace or diamond topper, a dramatic cape or a glamorous fur shrug, adding an extra fashion piece can change your wedding day look and make it unique to you.

Get the dress altered

Really consider what you don’t love about the dress, most of the time it is an element that can certainly be fixed through the hands of a good seamstress! Whether it’s a hemline that’s just falling that little bit too short for your liking, a neckline that plunges too low, a waistline that is less that defined or your arms aren’t as covered as you perhaps want them to be, fear not! Alterations can soon take your dress from drab to fab in a matter of days, just check with the boutique you bought your dress in if they have an in-house seamstress or contact your local one you trust.

Get a second dress

Don’t ditch the first dress completely; why not try adding a second wedding gown to the mix to? Not only will this make things even more exciting (for both you and your guests!) but it can also make you love your first dress even more. Consider having one of your gowns as the more traditional option for the ceremony, before changing into a full-on party gown and show-stopper for the evening!

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Speak to your bridal boutique

If all else fails and you can’t seem to fall back in love with your wedding dress then a new dress may be your only choice. After all, feeling anything less than amazing on your wedding day is not an option! If you purchased your dress on the high street or online, then you should get a refund. Alternatively, speak to the owner of the bridal boutique, in which you purchased your dress and explain the situation. Whilst some deposits will be non-refundable, many will offer an exchange for another dress in their store, or if you’re running out of time to order a new one, you may have to compromise with an off-the-rail dress in store to alter. But if it makes you happy, go for it!

Sell your dress

If the boutique you bought your gown in won’t offer a refund or exchange, or you’ve decided you no longer love your dress, head online to re-sell. A common solution for many brides-to-be is to sign-up to bridal gown resale websites e.g. where many will be looking for their dream gown at a discounted price. Advertise the designer, price, size and attach photographs and it could be snapped up in no time!  You may not get all of your money back; however what you do get can go towards the dress of your dreams.

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