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Backless Bras for Wedding Dresses & Low Cut Dresses

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The ultimate overview of the best strapless and backless bras. Every bride to be should do her homework. Researching underwear solutions should be an important part of preparing your bridal wear, as it is the foundation to support your whole look on your special day. Here is a collection of the best strapless and backless bras to wear with your wedding dress.

Backless and strapless bra by Boux Avenue, £22

This backless and strapless bra has helpful, clever sticky side tabs to hold it in place. Before we put our dress on, the bra seemed to sit out a little unusually from our skin a little, however once we put our gown on, the underwear adapted very smoothly and sat neatly against our body.

The proper bonus of this bra was that it gave us a great lift at the bust while at the same time feeling comfortable and secure. In fact, we were delighted with it! It can be very hard to find a bra that is both backless and strapless that can hold form and shape in a reliable way – so this was a really positive discovery.

The only issue we had with the bra was that you could see where the cups met in the middle, so it wouldn’t be an ideal choice for a wedding dress with an extremely low cut style. However, it would be excellent for use with higher necklines and also possibly for bridesmaid gowns, especially if they have a strapless or backless feature that you wish to make a feature of your photographs.

Boux Avenue Bra for Backless Wedding Dress
Backless and strapless bra by Boux Avenue

We would without doubt recommend this bra for wear with a backless wedding dress or one that’s plunging but not one that is ultra-low. It was surprising just how virtually invisible this bra was while at the same time giving us fabulous shape and support

We also tried the same bra in black with padding (RRP £24). It definitely enhanced our cleavage and made our puppies stand to attention. This product most definitely promises and delivers the ‘Added Boost’.

We tried the same bra in black with padding (RRP £24). It definitely enhanced our cleavage and made our puppies stand to attention.

This product promises and delivers ‘Added Boost’.

Backless Wedding Dress Bra
Padded backless and strapless bra by Boux Avenue

Lift-It’s by Magic Bodyfashion, £32

We found these adhesive lifting silicon cups very easy to use. You simply lift up your breast and stick the upper flap to your skin at the top of your breast. On application our breasts seemed to be trying to make a break for it! This bra doesn’t have a clip to gather our breasts together, unlike the other bras we had tried. However, this would be a definite advantage if you plan on wearing a really low cut wedding dress – you wouldn’t want unsightly clips detracting from your look. For those brides who are opting for a dramatic, plunging neckline but also was some support and reliability – this product is definitely worth trying out.

Bodyfashion Backless Wedding Dress Bra
Lift-It’s by Magic Bodyfashion

We were really impressed with how the bra looked on; it didn’t leave any tracks or marks against our clothing and felt really comfortable. Also, ladies with prominent nipples might live in fear of embarrassing ‘nipple gate’ wedding photos. They needn’t worry as this bad boy will hide them!

Silicone Secret Bra £20, with Silicone Nippless Covers £10, both by Magic Bodyfashion

This was a new one on us and we were really excited about trying this particular bra as we hadn’t seen anything quite like it before! The Silicone Secret Bra consists of a fine, supportive adhesive strap made of silicone, with a central fastener. We wore it with silicone nipple covers which are said to ‘minimise nipples that are too pronounced’

It was easy enough to place in to position, however we discovered that it wasn’t as comfortable as the Lift-It’s and we felt it wouldn’t work that well with a wedding dress made from quite light material such as tulle or silk, because we could see the slight track of the Silicone Nippless Covers around our nipples. The idea behind this bra is clever and unusual and may suit some more structured gowns made with thicker material such as taffeta or satin – so it isn’t worth dismissing for brides who are wearing that type of more substantial material.

Silicone Secret Backless Wedding Dress Bra
Silicone Secret Bra, Silicone Nippless Covers

Winner! – Camellia, Invisibra by LaValia, £36

Camellia by Invisibra is a backless strapless, stick-on bra and our ultimate, hands-down winner! This bra really does it all, as regards lift, shape and comfort. As we all know, these aspects are what you are hoping for the most on your big day. You can’t allow for unreliable support wear. We happily give this product ten out of ten for comfort. The adhesive was subtle and didn’t irritate or feel uncomfortable on our skin, and not only did it say put (a definite must) but it was also easy to remove. It didn’t involve any painful pulling at our skin, or leave any sore, sticky marks – not what you really want to be dealing with on your wedding night.

We were delighted with the completely seamless, stylish finish; the silicone is soft and moulds to your natural breast shape. Another brilliant aspect is that it can be re-worn up to 100 times, without losing its adhesive strength or shape. So you’re not only buying useful, practical underwear for your wedding – but it might be put to good use on your honeymoon if you’re lucky enough to be going somewhere sunny and glamourous and require this type of bra for your outfits. Definitely a worthwhile purchase.

This bra is absolutely fantastic for the bride who is looking for the perfect bra for a backless or low cut wedding dress. We seriously LOVE it!

Camellia Backless Wedding Dress Bra
Camellia, Invisibra by LaValia

Go Backess & Strapless, Primark, €5

This bra certainly gains points for low cost, being a total bargain priced at only €5 – however it loses serious marks for comfort. We all want to be comfortable on our wedding day, and that starts with our underwear. The adhesive used on the cups in this bra just didn’t feel as comfortable against our skin as other bras we tried. It didn’t feel quite as natural or smooth against our skin. While we did feel that it offered a good level of support, we had to remind ourselves that comfort is a top priority on your wedding day and it really is worth splashing out on a more comfortable bra. This bra might be okay for a hen party or a night on the town, but maybe spend a few extra cents on a bra that delivers what you need, on your all-important day.

Primark Backless Wedding Dress Bra
Go Backess & Strapless, Primark

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Featured image credit: Berta Bridal

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