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Wedding Gift List Dos and Don’ts

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You’d think creating a gift list would be the simplest part of planning a wedding – right? Wrong! Here’s our guide to wedding gift list dos and don’ts

Wedding Gift List Dos and Don’ts

Compiling a wedding gift list with something to suit everyone – from your granny to your BFF, takes some skill and a lot of patience. Here are eight wedding gift list registry dos and don’ts to keep you on track…


  • Shop around to find the right shop to place your wedding gift list They all offer different levels of service and rewards, so choose which works best for you. Always read the small print, paying particular attention to delivery options and refund and return policies.
  • Look for a store that has an online gift ordering system as this is helpful to guests that live abroad.
  • Before you begin, work with your partner to create an inventory of everything you already have and everything you would like to have – this will keep you focused when you hit the shops.
  • Remember to top up your wedding gift list regularly – shop stock changes with the seasons and there may be new items in store that you would like to include
  • Wedding Gift List Dos and Don’ts teapot
    Butterfly Bloom teapot by Wedgwood

    Include wedding  gifts that cover a range of budgets – from under £10/€10 to over £500/€500 is perfectly acceptable.

  • Break from tradition and include items that reflect your personality and hobbies  – sports equipment, luggage, fluffy bathroom robes etc…
  • Tell your family, friends and guests where your  wedding gift list is held. You can do this informally by word of mouth, or formally by including a note inside your invitation.
  • Remember to note down what wedding gifts individuals have given you – it’s amazing what you forget in the stress of planning a wedding. Within six weeks of your wedding, put pen to paper and write your thank you notes, being sure to mention the specific object.
Wedding Gift List Dos and Don’ts kettle
Morphy Richards kettle in sage from Debenhams


  • Feel you need to restrict yourself to one shop – you can place several wedding gift lists across a number of different stores – how about a wine shop or an art gallery alongside that traditional department store?
  • Gadgets and new technology are fine, but don’t forget to include traditional nest-building items such as pots and pans, crockery and cutlery and timeless crystal.
  • Leave it too late to create your gift list, guests will be looking for ideas on what to buy you as soon as you get engaged, so aim to complete your registry four to six months before your wedding.
Wedding Gift List Dos and Don’ts wine glasses
Elysian Amethyst Champagne Coupe Set, Waterford Crystal
  • Use any of the items you’ve been given until after your wedding day as in the very unlikely event that your wedding shouldn’t happen, you will need to return them!
  • Forget to think long term. This is one of the only opportunities you will have to stock up on life’s necessities for free. Choose a variety of items that you will enjoy for a lifetime, and be sure that the majority of these items are not short-lived trend statements.
  • Ask for money outright. This is still considered rude, the best you can do is not create a wedding gift list and hope that your guests will get the message and simply give you cash.
  • Feel you need to open your gifts in front of the person who has given them. It’s perfectly acceptable to set them aside and open them in private.
  • If you don’t receive everything you registered for, don’t fret. Many stores have a completion program, which offers a discount on remaining items, or will keep the registry active for anywhere from a few months to a few years, so friends and relatives can continue to purchase gifts from it.


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