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How To Be Social Media Savvy on Your Wedding Day

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 Wedding planning website asked its 700,000 users whether they would let their guests post on social media during the wedding — and the results were well and truly split down the middle — with 50% saying they would, and 50% saying they wouldn’t!

Social media is everywhere — whether you’re tweeting about your weekend plans, Instagramming your lunch or Snapchatting your night out, it’s almost guaranteed that the majority of us use social media at least once a day. This being the case, wedding planning website has put together a list of tips for being social media savvy on your wedding day — to ensure that both you and your guests can enjoy the celebrations without having to worry.

Set the Rules

It’s crucial that you’re clear on the social media rules for your big day from the get-go. If you want to instigate a no social media policy, let people know in advance and make sure you outline exactly what this means. Some brides might want a total ban on social media (so no sneakily glancing at your Facebook feed during the ‘I do’s’) whilst others will ask guests not to share any posts relating to the wedding. This might be because they’re having an intimate gathering or it could be so that they can unveil their wedding photos when they’re ready, without any being shared on social media beforehand.

Use a Hashtag

If you are happy to embrace social media on your wedding day, a great way to do so is to ask guests to use a certain hashtag that is personal to your wedding day. This works in the same way placing disposable cameras on the tables would – but instead you can see the pictures instantly, by following the hashtag. You could make a sign outlining what hashtag to use so that all of your guests are aware — or even let them know on your invitation! Hannah Vickers, Editor of, says: “Jumping on board the hashtag trend with your own personal wedding hashtag is a great way to create your own digital photo album with memories from the day, and it’s something more and more brides are implementing.”

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Don’t Over-share

Even if you live and breathe all things social media, make sure you don’t over-share when it comes to the big day. Too many pictures or updates will spoil the element of surprise for those friends and family who failed to make it, and it will also make things like getting your photos back from the photographer a little less exciting. It’s great incorporating social media into your day, but make sure you keep things balanced.

Check the Wifi

It’s probably the last thing you want to think about when it comes to wedding planning, but if social media is important to you, it’s worth checking your venue offers free wifi or there is a good signal for 3G in the area. The last thing you want is to add the hashtag to your wedding invitations and signs only to find there is no Internet access when you’re having your wedding.

Don’t Be Glued to Your Phone

Nobody wants to be the bride who spent her wedding day constantly on her phone. Whilst you might want to upload the odd selfie, remember that you only get this day once and ultimately, the day is about you and your partner committing to each other.


For more information on social media ettiquette and rules pick up a copy of Ireland’s Wedding Journal Magazine – Winter issue out NOW!

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