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The Countdown is On: Four Months Until The Big Day

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You have done the hard work of organising all the key aspects of your dream wedding, including sourcing your venue and date, choosing a fabulous bridal gown and of course booking an exotic honeymoon location! However, it’s important to consider all the little details you need to organise before the big day…

Wedding Journal created the ultimate wedding checklist of everything you will need to organise, on a handy timeline from 18 months right up until your wedding date, where we included what to consider at every stage to ensure planning your wedding is as fun and stress-free as possible! This week, we take a deeper look at what to organise at four months out from your wedding date, given that you’ve gotten all the bigger details of course!

Start Gathering Addresses For Guest List

The dreaded task- albeit an important one of course! If you have chosen to hand write your invitations it may take sometime to gather together all the addresses and it’s always good to be prepared so you aren’t panicking at the last minute. . Alternatively, you could get labels printed to pop onto your posted invites, in which case would be a lot faster and you can leave this till around 2 months before the wedding.

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Create a RSVP Spreadsheet

This won’t be needed yet, but you can keep track of who you have sent an invitation to and then mark off their name when they have responded. Organisation is key to a happy bride in this wedding planning business!


Arrange Travel Vaccinations For Honeymoon

If you are off on an exotic adventure in a far-flung country for your honeymoon, be sure to check if you will need any vaccinations before travelling. It’s something many couples forget, however, no one want’s to get sick on their honeymoon!


Organise The Legalities

Don’t forget- you gotta make it legal! Give at least three months’ notice to your registrar or priest/religious celebrant to legalize the marriage.


Arrange For A Food Tasting

Now this is one of the best parts! Arrange to sample a range of dishes with your chosen venue or caterers so you are happy with the menu and what is being served to your guests.


Attend Pre-Marriage Counselling

This may not be relevant to everyone, however if you are having a catholic ceremony you may have to attend pre-marriage counselling in Ireland. Speak to the officiant at your ceremony location to confirm.

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Keep an eye out for our further features on our wedding countdown & checklist and what you should consider 2 months before your wedding date… 


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