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8 things every bride should do before the wedding

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bridal survival kit

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In your ‘I’M GETTING MARRIED’ state, it’s easy to forget something important so make sure you consider things every bride should do before the wedding!

things every bride should do before the wedding bride

Which is totally forgivable; you’re planning a wedding, for crying out loud! So to make sure absolutely everything is taken care of, we bring you a comprehensive list of wedding to-dos.

1. Have a hair and make up trial

You can’t imagine the horror you’ll feel if you hate your hair and make-up look on the big day. No bride wants to be confronted with the trauma of turning round to face the mirror one hour before the ceremony and recoiling at her own reflection. We suggest booking your trial about three months in advance of the wedding.

2. Test the food

It’s important to ensure that the meal you have planned meets your expectations. Plus, it’s an excuse to eat food, which we always appreciate.

3. Practise walking a bit in your dress

Don’t forget that when you enter the ceremony venue and walk down the aisle, the gaze of every guest will be fixed on you. There’ll also be cameras, so make sure you can walk comfortably up the aisle in your dress. You want to be thinking solely about the love of your life at the altar, not mastering the basic ability of putting one foot in front of the other.

4. Practice the kiss

If you go in for a peck and he’s diving for a fully on snog, it ain’t gonna look pretty.

5. Have an engagement photoshoot

Not only will this make a great keepsake, but it’s a great way to become relaxed in front of the camera and get to knot your photographer’s style.

6. Pack an overnight bag

If you’re staying in a hotel, consider your plans for the next day and pack appropriate luggage.

7. Pack an emergency kit

No matter how prepared you think you are, there’s always the chance that some idiot is going to stand on your dress and rip it, so make sure you have an emergency kit of a needle and thread, safety pins, wipes, tissues, hair clips and deodorant.

8. Write a love note to your groom

The hours before you get married will be a time you’ll never again experience, but want to relive forever. So we love the idea of writing a love letter to your groom detailing your nerves and excitement ahead of saying ‘I do’. We guarantee it will warm his heart.

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