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15 things that change when you get engaged

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Too Legit To Knit

We’re not saying that you turn into a different person after you have a rock on your finger but there are certain things that change when you get engaged…

things that change when you get engaged diamond ring

‘Will you marry me?’ might just be four little words when they are written down, but when your partner utters them on bended knee, they become a huge statement that changes parts of your life forever.

Below we’ve listed 15 things that change when you get engaged, to help you settle in nicely to your new fiancé/fiancée status…

1. And speaking of status….

Your Facebook relationship status will change. A click of a few buttons will let the world know that you have gone from ‘in a relationship with’ to ‘is engaged to’.

2. Topics of conversation.

Your wedding becomes the first/only thing that people talk to you about.

3. You’ll spend a lot of time staring at your left hand

And treating it like it’s a fragile object that needs to be elevated at all times

engagement ring selfie

4. You see wedding things everywhere

Every where you look there are wedding dresses, wedding venues, other people getting married, colours that might be nice for bridesmaid dresses. WEDDINGS ARE EVERYWHERE.

 5. You get more manicures

A beautiful diamond engagement ring to show off constantly gives us a great excuse in indulge in a few manicures.

engagement ring and manicure
Alexis Brown Pinterest

6. You become a lot busier

Free time starts turning into wedding planning time and instead of spending Wednesday evenings watching Coronation Street with a cup of tea, you’re knee deep in table plans.

7. You find it weird calling your partner ‘my fiancé/fiancee’

For the first while, introducing your partner as your fiancé/fiancée will sound ridiculously unnatural. But don’t worry, it will reach a whole new level of weird when you’re husband and wife.

that escalated quickly meme

8. Your relationship gets more respect

People stop asking about your relationship or questioning your future. You’re a fully fledged soon-to-be-married couple now.

9. You will join Pinterest

And it will be your best friend.

10. You celebrate Christmas together

Now that you’re part of each other’s lives for good, you’ll be spending all the holidays together, which mean’s breaking your mum’s heart when you decide to do Christmas a year about.

11. You’ll be more careful with money

Now that there’s an entire wedding to pay for, there’ll be no more buying new shoes, hiding them in the wardrobe and pretending you’ve had them for ages

wedding budget notebook

12. You’ll start fighting about different things

Instead of bickering over dirty dishes and whose turn it is to leave out the bins, you’ll be fighting over flowers and whose guest list is longer

13. You’ll start watching different TV shows

Don’t Tell the Bride will feature prominently in your Sky + listing as well as Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezillas, Four Weddings and Amazing Cakes…

Say Yes to the Dress
Say Yes to the Dress- Youtube

14. Your partner’s family start treating you differently

Now that you’re going to be one of the family, your future-in-laws will welcome you with open arms. Nieces and nephews will start calling you aunt/uncle and it’s only a matter of time before their mum and dad start hinting about grand kids

15. You no longer take note of the days of the week

Instead every day is a countdown to the wedding.

things that change when you're engaged countdown


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