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10 things that happen at every Irish wedding

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ST Patrick's Day Wedding

Dan Lippit

The Irish certainly know how to throw a memorable celebration…but these things WILL happen at every Irish wedding…

things that happen at every Irish wedding rain

Cheesy dance moves, enough drink to flood a small country and roast beef main courses – we have it all.

So, if you’re new to the Irish wedding game, or not from round this way. this is for you.

We’ve created this handy guide of 10 things that happen at every Irish wedding, so you’ll know what to expect if you ever have the good fortune of attending one:

1. The druncle

Everyone will get drunk at an Irish wedding (we have a bit a reputation for that), but there will always be one uncle who takes it too far. He will either fall asleep and be sent to bed or have a taxi called for him at 5pm.

2. There will be a comment about the weather

“Thank God it didn’t rain”, “Do you know if it gives it for rain?” or “Oh, there’s the rain on.”

3. People will complain about being starving

4. Heckles during the speeches

5. The DJ will play one, or all of these tunes – Galway Girl, Country Roads, Tell Me Ma, Cotton Eye Joe


7. Riverdance

With a pint in him, cousin Dermot will channel the energy of Michael Flatley. Don’t be mistaken this will happen at every Irish wedding.

8. Ties will move upwards from necks until they are slung round the heads of every male wedding guest.

It’s an unexplained phenomenon

9. Cocktail sausage will be served at night 


10. An old person will nudge all the bridesmaids and say ‘you’re next’


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