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10 romantic clips you HAVE to watch before your big day

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10 clips you have to watch before your big day

10 romantic clips you HAVE to watch before your big day to get you in the mood for love.

Brides to be you may feel a little stressed or overwhelmed by that wedding to-do list prior to your big day. Whether you feel a tad busy, or as if a hysterical meltdown is brewing, take time out from wedding planning to relax and enjoy a few minutes of good old fashioned romance via these cheesy clips.

These feel-good films will remind you what a lucky lady you are to have found THE ONE, and how amazing it is to be all loved up. The films are best enjoyed with wine, chocolate and your hens, or snuggled up next to your other half.

1. The Notebook

In this movie we understand why Allie falls in love with Noah (Ryan Golsing)  – we admit to being a little in love with him too. Our heart breaks for the young couple are torn apart by their social differences and interfering family members.

2. Love Actually

This rom-com follows a series of interconnected romances. In one Juliet always thought that her husband’s best friend hated her, but when Mark shows up on her doorstep carrying handwritten signs telling her how perfect she is, Juliet suddenly understands his behaviour. Sometimes you just have to tell the other person how you feel, even if you can’t be together… sob!

3. Dirty Dancing

No body puts baby in a corner. Enough said.

4. Before Sunrise

Two strangers, American tourist Jesse and French student Céline meet in a train from Budapest to Vienna, and spend one day together before Jesse flies back to America the next day. Jesse catches the plane just as their love story starts to take off.

5. Titanic

That flying scene.

6. Jerry Maguire

“You complete me.”

“You had me at hello.”

7. When Harry Met Sally

When strangers become acquaintances, then friends, then lovers…

8. 10 Things I Hate About You

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than good old fashioned public humiliation.

9. Friends With Benefits

… or a grand sweeping gesture like a flashmob.

10. Pride & Prejudice

It was difficult for Mr Darcy to fall in love with impertinent Emma considering all the obstacles in his way, not least the class divide. Nonetheless he got there in the end, he proposed and we practically fell off our sofa with excitement – at last, horray!

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