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A Gilmore Girls star is engaged

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A Gilmore Girls star is engaged

Gilmore Girls star Danny Strong is engaged to girlfriend Caitlin Mehner and the couple posted the cutest engagement reveal on Instagram.

Danny Strong who plays editor of the York Daily News, Doyle in the hit television series Gilmore girls and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, has popped the question to his long term girlfriend Caitlin while on holiday in Hawaii.

A photo posted by Danny Strong (@strongdanny) on

Posting on Instagram a picture of Caitlin coyly covering her face with her left hand containing a huge sparkly diamond, Danny said,

3 and a half years ago I saw the cutest girl I’ve ever seen and got up the nerve to talk to her. She gave me her phone number but it was missing a digit. I was convinced she had to have made a mistake (delusional?) so I tracked her down and asked her out. Then last night I got up the nerve to ask her to marry me and she said yes! The moral of the story is never be deterred by a missing digit.

A photo posted by Danny Strong (@strongdanny) on

In the picture the actor and producer grins as she holds a huge cushion cut diamond with a delicate paved band over her mouth.

The best Instagram update went to Caitlin however, who posted a picture of the couple by the beach with her new engagement ring clearly visible. She jokingly referred to the on-off relationship Danny’s Gilmore Girls character Doyle has with Paris Geller. Caitlin said;

A photo posted by Danny Strong (@strongdanny) on

“Can I still be team Paris and Doyle forever?”

A photo posted by Caitlin Mehner (@mehns) on

Yes Caitlin, you can!


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