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Fifteen secret thoughts every bridesmaid has

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bridesmaid 15

What your bridesmaid is REALLY thinking

When you ask them to be bridesmaid

Me? Really…

bridesmaid 2

Act surprised

bridesmaid 3

I hope I don’t have to wear an ugly dress

bridesmaid 4
bridesmaid 5

While planning the hen party…

Sure I’d love to organise a hen party in Las Vegas for 20 girls, no problem

bridesmaid 9

Girls – either you are going to the hen party or you are not going!

bridesmaid 15

I hate the bride’s friends, what is wrong with people! I am NEVER organising a hen party again.

bridesmaid 7

During the hen

I can’t believe I though you girls were d@*#s

bridesmaid 10

Friends for life woo hoo

bridesmaid 11

Before the wedding

‘Bridezilla’ is actually a real thing – who knew?!

bridesmaid 12

Love and hate… there’s a fine line

bridesmaid 13

During the wedding…

I’m so happy for her

bridesmaid 15

She looks sooo beautiful – the most most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen

bridesmaid 14

Please don’t cry, don’t cry… you’ll ruin your makeup

bridesmaid 16

Is my mascara ok?

bridesmaid 17

Will I ever get married?

bridesmaid 14

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