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Daddy steps in as flower girl

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Daddy steps in as flower girl

Daddy steps in as flower girl and other funny video clips reveal what kids really get up to at weddings…

1. Dad steps in as flower girl

Every Dad dreams of proudly walking his daughter down the aisle on day, but for one father the day came MUCH earlier than expected. In this funny clip a litter flower girl gets stage fright and can be heard shouting, “Daddy, no, I don’t want to!” Not wanting to let the bride and groom down, the diligent Dad steps in as flower girl and scatters the rose petals himself.

Sometimes kids just need your Dad, unfortunately this little girl’s father was a little busy  getting married.

2. When you gotta go, you really gotta go!

Sometimes when kids need to use the bathroom, they really can’t hold it in as the little boy in the first clip demonstrates. In the second clip the flower girl chose the perfect moment to break wind – just as the couple were making their vows!

3. Let’s dance

Forget about the newlyweds’ first dance, the little wedding guest stole the show with her dance moves.

4. The dutiful flower girl

This dutiful flower girl took her job very seriously and ensured that every last flower petal was scattered.

Whereas this flower girl did the opposite.

5. Sleep time

For children sometimes the ceremony can make them feel a little on the sleepy side.


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