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8 creative wedding flower ideas for your Big Day

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We believe there’s no such thing as too-much when it comes to wedding flowers, and a simple bouquet just isn’t enough. So you may as well get creative…

Your wedding day is a once in a life-time chance to absolutely go to town with floral decoration.

Ceremony flowers

Whether it’s a church or civil ceremony, you can be sure that the room you say your I-dos in will probably need a little help to look suitably fabulous.  Flowers have the ability to transform a dull and tired wedding ceremony room, or a cold and creepy church, into a colourful, sweetly scented space.


 Pew ends & chair backs

A simple but effective way of bringing colour into the room, pew ends and chair backs don’t need to be lavish to be effective. A single stemmed flower tied with a ribbon looks beautiful, but if you can afford something more elaborate, don’t hold back.


 Floral wreath

Tie a pretty floral wreath to the church door as a fragrant welcome for guests, or use miniature ones to decorate chairs.  Discuss with your florist the best flowers to use and tie the style and colour in with the overall theme of your wedding party.

odalys mendez
odalys mendez

Entrance flowers

It’s always nice to make a bold statement at the entrance to the church or ceremony room. There are lots of ways to do this – the most popular being with flower trees, topiary trees or pedestals placed at either side of the door. Garlands or a floral arch placed over the door are another decorative touch that everyone will notice.


Reception centerpieces

It’s tradition to decorate tabletops at a wedding reception with beautiful flowers or candelabras, but that doesn’t mean you need to be traditional with your choice of vase or container. From over sized martini glasses, to mismatched teacups, theme your vessel to your wedding


 Cakes with flowers

We know you can create all sorts wonderful cake decorations with icing, including delicate sugar flowers but there’s something utterly romantic about a white wedding cake dressed with fresh flowers. Decorate the top, tiers and base for maximum impact or simply use one or two carefully placed blooms to add detail to a plain iced cake. Discuss your plans with your florist and she will look after this for you on the day as the flowers need to be fresh to impress..

erin heartscourt

 Little details

Be creative in how you use flowers and where you place them. Jars of hanging flowers or little cages containing flowers are a great way to decorate an outdoor ceremony area. Or you can suspend pretty pomander balls from trees, chairs or  pew ends.



Alternative bouquets

When it comes to the bouquet, brides are beginning to see beyond the standard tear drop display of flowers, looking instead for ways to make their bouquet more personal and unique.  We love the trend for heirloom bouquets made with small pieces of jewellery supplied by family members. We’ve also spotted a few button bouquets, felt bouquets and even ones made from paper.



**Top image credits: Watsonsutdios, oncewed, Paula o’Hara,


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