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15 Tips to Banish Bloating

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No matter how in shape we are, all of us are susceptible to the dreaded water retention so WJ have compiled the best tips to banish bloating on the big day.

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What to Expect

Woman usually suffer with bloating more than men due to hormone imbalances in the female body; as if we don’t have enough problems! Bloating can happen to all of us, especially after a large meal as food expands and takes longer to digest in our stomachs.

15 tips on how to banish the bloat


Potassium is a mineral found in bananas, spinach, asparagus and citrus based foods and this helps to maintain the body’s water balance. So remember one banana a day can keep the belly bloat away!

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Eat dinner alone

Speaking and eating quickly can cause some serious bloating by filling the stomach with air. As a bride-to-be, eating dinner with your fiancé is probably the highlight of your day so instead we’d suggest taking your time, chewing your food properly and limiting the conversation to staring into each other’s eyes!

Drink water

Bloating is often caused by the build-up of water retention as a result of taking in excess sodium from the diet. Drinking large quantities of water can help to flush the additional salt out of the body; reducing the build-up of water in the stomach.

Dandelion tea

Used commonly as a detoxifier, dandelion tea can act as a laxative and a diuretic; boosting liver function. Tea made from dandelion roots has anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the outer swelling effects of excess bloating.

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Organic and Green

Ditch the fruit

Fruits contain a lot of natural sugar and although the sugars found in fresh fruit are not as refined as those in man-made products the digestive system still struggles to break down the fructose. Nutritionists advise against eating large quantities of fruit especially after a meal as this will slow down the process in the gut. Get your fruit fix on an empty stomach at least 2 hours before you eat another meal, allowing your body to break all the sugars down properly and combat that puffy feeling.

Colonic Irrigation

Experts in colonic irrigation suggest trying out this unique treatment if you just can’t shake the effects of bloating. It is thought to flush out the digestive system and remove toxins and parasites from the bowel that the bowels are unable to get rid of.

Regular exercise

We’ve all been there; our stomach is engorged to the size of a rugby ball and we feel fat and uncomfortable. At times like this we’re certainly not thinking about going for a run; more like lying on the sofa and hoping it passes quickly! However, a minimum of 10 minutes of cardio can relieve symptoms and gentle stretching workouts such as yoga can help combat an ongoing bloating problem.

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Live Strong

Natural Yoghurt

Eating yoghurt regularly can help to beat the bloat as natural yoghurt contains probiotics that assist digestion and fight bad bacteria in the gut. Stay away from flavoured or sugary yoghurts though, as these types can actually increase irritate the digestive process and increase gases that can cause that swollen feeling.

Reduce salt intake

Salt is one of the most common causes of bloating. The bloating feeling after consuming too much salt not only looks unsightly but increases blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. In the weeks leading up to your wedding limit processed foods that contain a lot of hidden sodium and try to cook meals using fresh, clean ingredients for that washboard stomach!

Cut out alcohol

Alcohol is a natural diuretic, meaning that it dehydrates the body by expelling more liquids than what has been consumed. Water retention can increase water weight, so try illiminating alcoholic drinks in the lead up to the wedding. If you really must celebrate with a glass of champagne then alternate alcoholic drinks with glasses of water in order to keep you hydrated and refreshed.

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Keep Calm-o-matic


Pineapples are thought to assist digestion as they contain high quantities of the enzyme Bromelain which breaks down proteins for faster absorbion assisting the digestive process.  A small portion will suffice though, as too much fruit in itself can disrupt how the body breaks down sugars.


Ginger can reduce intestinal gas and can be easily included in your day to day diet. Add it to stir-fries, juices or drink it with hot water and lemon as a soothing, tasty beverage!

Don’t chew gum

Although chewing on sugarless gum can seem like a good idea due to its’ low calorie content, with every chew the stomach ingests a gulp of air. Sip on water instead to get that full feeling without the bloat between meals.

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Thank your Body

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea can help to combat the puffy feeling that everyone gets after eating a huge meal. Pre-empt that tight feeling by soothing your stomach with a cup of peppermint tea if you know you’ve over indulged!

Stay away from carbonated drinks

Yes, even the diet alternatives. Carbonated drinks are one of the worst offenders for making us gassy. If you’re a fizzy drink addict and can’t seem to cut them out altogether then opt for a healthier alternative of lemon or lime diffused in sparkling water. Citrus fruits contain very little sugar and are around 80% water which can prevent water retention. Win!

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