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33 Simple Wedding Decor DIYs

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wedding decor DIY

Sometimes the best way to do wedding decor is with your own two hands.

They said the popular DIY-style wedding was slowing down but we’re not convinced.With more brides than ever opting for a budget-friendly big day we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to save on your wedding decor and have some fun while you’re doing it. We suggest gathering together your bridal party if you’re going to give any of these creative ideas a go, or enlisting some of your close relatives to give you a hand. Doing it alone isn’t half as fun as it could be.

One big piece of advice we give to any bride about to embark on a DIY wedding is to give yourself enough time to complete the job. While these ideas seem fantastic for saving money when you start wedding planning, leaving them too late can lead to unneccessary stress before you walk down the aisle.

Here’s our favourite wedding decor DIYs to give your wedding that personal touch.

Reception Room

1. Wine Cork Seating Chart

wedding decor DIY

2. Hand-Painted Gold Balloons

3. Paper Crane Garlands

wedding decor DIY

4. Vintage-Look Doily Balloons

How-To: Blow up balloon. Take doily. Glue it to balloon.

5. Chalkboard Seating Chart

wedding decor DIY

6. Ribbon-Walls

wedding decor DIY

7. Hanging Lightbulb Floral Decorations

Top Tip: Save your busted bulbs to prevent having to buy and use new ones. 


Cake Table

8. Hand-Cut Bunting

wedding decor DIY

9. Framed Signage

wedding decor DIY

10. Mini-Cupcake Signs

wedding decor DIY

11. Handwritten Mirror


Table Decor

12. Wine Cork Name Card Holders

wedding decor DIY

Top Tip: We suggest drinking all the bottles of wine you need to get the corks. Buying them is no fun at all!

13. Leaves as Name Cards

wedding decor DIY

14. Tin Can Flower Arrangements

15. Wine Bottle Centrepieces

wedding decor DIY

16. Charity Shop Teacup Candles

17. Chalkboard-Painted Glasses (also doubles as a wedding favour)

wedding decor DIY

18. Candy Canes as Name Cards (perfect for a winter wedding, or on a kid’s table!)

Top Tip: Unopened candy canes can last for up to three years, so stock up on them JUST after Christmas for a serious bargain.

19. Olive Leaf Table Garland

wedding decor DIY

20. Pineapple Vase

wedding decor DIY



21. Selfie Station

wedding decor DIY

Top Tip: Put a mirror next to the selfie station so guests can touch up before they strike a pose.

22. DIY Instagram Cut-Out

wedding decor DIY

23. DIY Photobooth

wedding decor DIY


The Great Outdoors

24. Fairylight Lit Trees

25. Wheel Barrow Drinks Cooler

wedding decor DIY

Top Tip: Ask the venue if they’ve got a wheelbarrow you can borrow. Saves you carting it about!

26. Tree Photoboard

wedding decor DIY


Wedding Favours

27. Popcorn Jars

28. S’More Bags

wedding decor DIY

29. Wedding Song CD/USB

wedding decor DIY

30. Home-Marinated Olive Oil

31. Personalised Mugs (using the first letter of every guest’s name)

wedding decor DIY

Top Tip: To get permanent marker to stick to ceramics, you need to bake them in the oven (we suggest 30 mins at 200c). Also, buy your mugs at a discount store- every little helps.

32. Plant Pot with Seeds

wedding decor DIY

33. Mini-Wine Bottles with Home-Printed Labels

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