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Top 10 Wedding Sign Ideas

Wedding sign ideas for every bridal occasion.

What’s your sign?

Having signs at your wedding is a great and easy way to add something different and memorable to the décor.

Depending on your personality your wedding sign can be funny, or heartfelt or if you have a really large wedding party to co-ordinate it can just be darn right convenient when it comes to pointing them in the right direction.

Either way, they’re one of our favourite big day details, so here are some statement signs to inspire you:

1. For the lovers

Always a winner, signs with sweet love messages look great dotted around your venue.

2. For the jokers

Cute, quirky and always gets a laugh.

3. For the self-confessed weirdos

Everybody can identify with this…right?

4. For those who need direction

Lovely for larger weddings where the festivities may take place in different rooms or areas.

Christopher Nolan Photography
Christopher Nolan Photography

5. Because Beyonce knows best

‘Nuff said.

Kate Miller Photography
Kate Miller Photography

6. For those who like to keep it social

If you only have one sign, have the #sign. It’s a great way to see your wedding from the guests’ perspective and see all the things you missed- all in one place.

W&E Photographie
W&E Photographie

7. For the people who are just honest about their feelings

There’s a big trend at the moment for the littlest members of the bridal party to carry cute signs. Another one that tops the cuteness scale is the adorable; ‘Uncle/Brother/Dad wait until you see her’

8. For the wordsmiths

Cute song lyrics or a poem that represents your love. Get nerdy with a quote from your favourite movie or book!

Jesi Haack Design
Jesi Haack Design

9. For the dog lovers

Get everyone involved! Make sure you can get a photo opportunity like this, it’s definitely one to hang on the wall.

10. For the party animals

Nothing gets the party started like a good sparkly wedding sign!


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