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Six Women Turn Up to a Wedding in the SAME Dress

And no, they weren’t the bridesmaids...

As with any wedding, there will be some worry that someone with the same impeccable style will show up wearing the same dress as you. It’s not the worst thing that could happen, but you don’t want anyone to steal your thunder, right?

So, imagine the chances of not one, not two, but FIVE other ladies rocking up to the same wedding wearing the same dress as you! This is exactly what happened at one brides wedding in Australia, and it has since gone viral all over the world…

These Sydney based ladies all faced a wedding-guests worst nightmare when they all purchased and arrived to a wedding wearing  the same navy lace midi dress from popular boutique ‘Forever New’! One of the women, Debbie Speranza, tried to find the funny side of the situation and shared a photo from the wedding to the store where the dresses were purchased, jokingly captioning the image with:

“You really should start a bridal registry so that your customers can enquire whether anyone else has purchased on of your dresses for the same event… NO we are not the bridesmaids!”

Many people have since commented with their thoughts on the situation. One Facebook user, Teresa Lawson wrote “That would peeve me off so much if i had forked out that much for a dress for a wedding just to see it on “every other guest”, whilst another wrote “I’d be so embarrassed!” . However, the majority of people found the funny side of the disaster, saying they were glad the ladies could laugh it off and that they would congratulate the others for having such good taste! Some even commented this could be the rise of the ‘Guest Bridesmaid’!

The dress, which is retailed at $159.99 AUD, is described on the website as “perfectly tailored to flatter and accentuate your figure” and guaranteeing it will make an “entrance-worthy appearance”. Enticing any wedding guest into buying the elegant bodycon…

Check it out here

Debbie Lace Pencil Dress, www.forevernew.com.au


Set Featured Image Credit: Forevernew.com