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Planning a wedding? We have everything you need right here including help & advice and information on wedding receptions, cake, flowers, honeymoons and more.

Top 10 Wedding Sign Ideas

What’s your sign? We unveil some awesome and inspiring wedding sign ideas.

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10 Big Best Man Speech Don’ts

How NOT to look like a complete idiot during your best man speech.

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What to do with your Wedding Dress

Preserve it, sell it, recycle it or trash it – we bring you options for your wedding dress when the big day is over.

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“How did he propose?” Real Life Engagement Stories

Find out how eight Irish couples got engaged.

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15 sickeningly soppy love quotes (that you’ll secretly like)

Quotes, memes and thoughts about love that will make you cringe and smile at the same time.

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6 Top Irish Barn Wedding Venues

See which barn wedding venues in Ireland come top of our list.

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12 Emotions Every Bridesmaid Goes Through

There’s a lot more to being bridesmaid than you might first think.

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Signed, sealed, delivered – Top Wedding Stationery Trends

Send out a stylish message with 2014’s most amazing stationery.

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