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Planning a wedding? We have everything you need right here including help & advice and information on wedding receptions, cake, flowers, honeymoons and more.

15 things that change when you get engaged

Find out exactly how life changes once that diamond engagement ring slips on your finger.

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6 Opulent Irish Castle Wedding Venues

If you fancy feeling like a princess on your wedding day, take a look at these aristocratic Irish wedding venues.

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What does your engagement ring say about you?

We take a look at five engagement and wedding ring styles and reveal how their reflect your personality.

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11 Money and Time Saving Wedding Hacks

Every bride and groom need to know these wedding tricks to make planning a big day easier.

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8 Questions to Ask your Partner Before Getting Married

Key things to consider and questions to ask before you get married.

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C2 Photography and Design- memories that last forever

For C2 Photography and Design photography is passion and art and a means of storytelling.

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Top 10 Most Inappropriate Wedding Songs Ever

10 songs that you really, really shouldn’t have your first dance to.

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Wedding Venue Decoration Ideas

Simple but effective wedding decorating ideas that will blow your guests away.

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