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Plan your big day with ease with our essential help and advice for brides and grooms-to-be! Whatever your wedding worry or queries, we have a series of helpful features to help you on your way to planning your dream reception. With advice on everything from how to delegate your bridesmaids, weather preparation, groom speeches, entertainment ideas, photography shots, budgeting your cash, the latest in-season flowers, wedding favours and even top tips and legalities for organising a church wedding. We answer all your wedding woes, as well as having our light-hearted features- providing you with all things funny when it comes to wedding planning!

Whether its wedding day fails or how to calm your inner ‘bridezilla’, Wedding Journal’s help and advice section will be your new go-to when it comes to answering those all-important wedding planning, help and advice questions.

Tips for Tall Brides

Tall brides seem to have it all. Like Amazonian models, their long elegant limbs and willowy silhouettes can carry almost any style and shape. However, being tall is a double-edged sword. Whilst you might overshadow every woman in the room, what happens when you find the perfect floor-length wedding gown with the hem skimming your […]

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