Matching Couples Tattoos

Okay, so you’re already getting married but what better way to show your eternal devotion to each other than with couples tattoos?

Getting married is pretty permanent – til death do us part and all that…but if you want to make your nuptials a bit more concrete and everlasting, getting a matching husband and wife tattoo might be for you.


A small heart or an infinity sign is a great way to pay tribute to your love and is much less intense that having your partner’s name permanently etched on you.

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We love the idea of getting a line from your first dance song tattooed. Lines from your wedding vows, the first film you saw together or from a poem read on your big day will be also be romantic and heartfelt.

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Having classic couples like Minnie and Micky and partners like Calvin and Hobbs inked on will be easily recognised as a nod to a loved one.,, tumblr, alexis Bohren on Pinterest,, tumblr, alexis Bohren on Pinterest


A cryptic design like an avocado (each to their own) or barcodes will be cute, quirky and personal to you and your husband., pinterest,,, pinterest,,

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