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Hen Party Games, Ideas & Ice-Breakers

Break the ice and have a good giggle with these games

Break the ice and have a good giggle with these hen party games

Often a hen party brings together a group of girls who may not know each other. If you are planning a hen party be sure to incorporate some silly games as they are a great way to break the ice and have a good giggle in the process.

Here are some game ideas to get you started.

Memory lane

Hens are asked to take a trip down memory lane and share their memories of the bride-to-be – it can be an embarrassing, sentimental or funny story, or the tale of how you first met. The hens have to write down their memory and place it in a hat. The bride has to pull out each memory, read it out and try to match it to the correct hen. Forfeits can be introduced to penalise the bride for incorrect matches.


How well do the hens know the bride-to-be? Find out with this trivia game. Think up questions to ask about the bride, such as where she grew up, school and career. Think about her ‘favourites,’ for example her favourite song, makeup, hobbies etc. The bride should hand out pens and papers for the quiz and read out the questions, hens should swap pages to mark them so there is no cheating and any ridiculous answers will be seen.

Poker face

After a few drinks get your hens together in a group and tell them not to laugh or smile. The hen says ‘Ha’ ‘Ho’ or ‘Hee’ first, then each girl in the group take turns to say the words while keeping a straight face. If anyone laughs or smiles they are out, battle it out until you get a winner.

hen party games 2

Barred words

Pick a selection of words that no one in the hen do group is allowed to say throughout the hen weekend or night. Anyone who says the barred word is fined with a shot or dare. The groom’s name, ‘boyfriend’, ‘husband’, and ‘children’ often trip people up.

Toilet paper couture

Ask for a few hens to volunteer to model, the rest of the ladies should be put into teams. The task is to create a dream wedding dress out of toilet paper in 10 minutes.

While the model is strutting her stuff in front of the judges one member of each team has to explain a little about their design and where they got inspiration from.

Peggy Sue

One member of the hen party is given a clothes peg to start the game. The aim is for the person to stick the peg onto someone in the bar without them noticing. Once it’s attached shout Peggy Sue. Then another hen is nominated to get the peg off the person in question and attach it another stranger without either party noticing.

Bring extra pegs as props in case your pegs get found and confiscated!

hen party games 3

Liar, liar

Hens are asked to say three statements about themselves and form a circle. Each hen takes turns reading out their statements and it’s up to the rest of the hen to figure out which two are true and which one is the lie.


For this game you need post-it notes, cellotape and a pen. Split the hen party in equal groups and take it in turns to write down any ingredient that you would find in a burger. Each group should mix up their ingredients and put them in the middle of the circle, when the quiz master says ‘It’s burger time’ the hens have to scramble to pick an ingredient and arrange themselves in the correct order of a burger. The group that makes the perfect burger first wins. The quiz master must then inspect the burger to see if the ingredients are in the correct order, if not the team get disqualified.

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