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How has Amal Clooney avoided post wedding blues?

How Amal Clooney beat post-wedding blues

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We don’t know how Amal Clooney has avoided the post wedding blues but here’s our top four tips on how to avoid the wedding comedown…

Sex symbol George Clooney’s wife Amal has returned to work in London looking relaxed and happy after visiting George’s hometown in Kentucky last week.

As chic as ever Amal wore a fitted black T-shirt tucked into a red pencil skirt, paired with vibrant red lipstick, an oversized handbag and high heels. Clutching a stack of documents while rushing to grab a taxi, the human rights lawyer looked ready for business.

What is Amal Clooney' secret?
Vantage News, Daily Mail


Amal married Hollywood superstar George Clooney in a four-day wedding in Venice last September and has looked the picture of happiness ever since. George recently described is wife as “an amazing human being. And she also happens to be one of the smartest people I’ve ever met.”

Since the wedding Amal has been working on and off in New York as a visiting professor at Columbia Law School and last week she accompanied her husband on a visit to his Kentucky hometown of Augusta for the annual Clooney family reunion.

What is Amal Clooney' secret?
Magee’s Bakery, Facebook, Daily Mail

Amal has not showed any sign of the post-wedding blues that we so often hear about. We can’t help but wonder why. Is it because Amal is busy with her high powered job or jet-setting lifestyle, or because she happened to marry world-recognised sex symbol George Clooney?

Here’s our top four tips to avoid wedding blues and look as blissfully happy as Amal.

What is Amal Clooney' secret?
Daily Mail

1. Consider the mini-moon

Once your big day is over that doesn’t mean that you can’t have lots of little days to look forward to. Book a weekend away or consider the mini-moon. The mini-moon is a massive trend at the moment, whereby couples go on a mini-break on a monthly basis for the first year of marriage instead of going on one expensive honeymoon.

2. Rethink your honeymoon dates

Couples are often tempted to make the most of their time off and stay abroad for as long as possible on honeymoon. Consider returning home a few days before you return to work to soften the ‘back to reality’ blow.

3. Spring clean

Get rid of those bridal magazines, vendor information and Monica-style wedding planning folder – yep it’s time to let go. Instead focus on a new project like selecting your wedding photos for the album, writing thank you cards, and deciding what to do with your bridesmaid dresses, perhaps you could sell them to fund a shopping spree. Now you have more free time consider taking up an un-wedding related hobby, discover a new passion, or begin a qualification.

4. And remember

It’s totally normal to feel a little deflated, however focus on the fact that your dreams have come true and you have married your perfect man. In the hectic run up to your wedding it’s common to neglect family and friends, now it the time to catch up and let your hair down (or cut it!).

What is Amal Clooney' secret?