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Jason J Finnane of FINNimaje is an Irish born Wedding & Fashion photographer. His Work has been featured in magazines such Wedding Journal, Social & Personal & Confetti. One of Ireland’s most sought-after picture makers, Jason has enjoyed over 12 years in the business with a multiple of awards. He first started out shooting portfolios for professional & wannabe models. Today he is known for his highly polished, exotically bright portraits, editorials & exquisitely designed & styled Wedding books. Still working hard to be at the top of his profession, with images that will be true to his own style philosophy but with a quality that can’t be matched. “We are the caretakers of our clients, gaining insight and knowledge from the lives they live”. Jason’s popularity grows every year due to flattering testimonials and his professionalism, good nature & his unerring ability to take beautiful pictures that speak for themselves.

“I love what I do, there is nothing more satisfying than the tears/joy a picture brings to someone who genuinely love what we have made together. without the wonderful people I work with, my pictures are empty. I am a people watcher & always have been.. It’s an honour for me to be allowed to photograph one of the most special days of their lives”.

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