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Crowning glory – bridal head accessories

WJ’s guide to finding the perfect bridal head accessory that’s right for you.

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It used to be, the only decision facing a bride over what to wear on her head was ‘veil or no veil?’

But for today’s bride, things are a lot more complicated. Bridal head accessories are very al la mode and there’s a bewildering selection to choose from.

Where do you start?

The very first thing you need to do is choose your wedding dress as this is the focus of your look and will inspire the rest. It’s important to match your choice of headpiece with your wedding dress for a co-ordinated style that flows from head to toe.

The next step is to have a firm idea how you’d like to wear your hair on your wedding day as an up do will call for a totally different hair accessory than loose curls. If you’re not sure what will work best on you, make an appointment with your hairdresser for a bridal hair trial and discuss the options with them. Don’t forget to bring a picture of your wedding dress along with you as the neckline on your dress will influence the best hairstyle for the occasion.

Once that’s sorted, it’s time to go shopping. Here are few of our favourite designs and styles to help you on your way:


The traditional tiara is the perfect ‘princess’ accessory. Typically in gold or silver with diamante, crystal, jewels, feathers, flowers or pearls, tiaras dazzle in every way.  Great for decorating an up-do, they can be fitted into short hair too. Wear it on the top of your head like a crown, or for a modern twist, choose a side tiara.

Tiara, £75, Rainbow club, Tiara, £85, rainbow club, Tiara, £50, jonrichard.com, Tiara, £243 Haloandco.com


Pins and combs

If you aren’t keen on going OTT with your headdress then adding a few pretty pins or a small comb can add detail, without being over powering. Pins are ideal for adorning a high bun but can be placed anywhere and come in a range of designs, while combs are great for tidying up a few stray hairs or holding a chignon into place.

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Bridal headband

The Alice band is an increasingly popular choice for brides, especially those looking to create a more relaxed wedding day style. Classic diamante headbands frame the face beautifully, but we love the flexibility of hair vines – a decorated wire band with a loop or comb at each end to secure the design into the hair. Lace, silk or satin headbands can also be worn over the forehead for a retro vibe.

Headpiece £220, libertyinlove.co.uk, headband £175, floandpercy.com, headband £250 fiona mangan, head vine £330, halo and co, hairband £195 floandpercy.com


Hats and veils

Birdcage veils and pillar-box hats are a vintage bride’s best friend. The Juliet cap is another emerging trend that adds a sense of vintage glamour to your wedding day look. Worn by Kate Moss on her wedding day, this lace or crocheted headpiece wraps tightly around the skull and often flows into a romantic veil.

Veil, €125, Batcakes Couture on Etsy, Kate Moss, Hat, €295, Carolkellymillinery, cap veil €117, notonthehighstreet.com



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