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19 Reasons why you should have a New Years Eve Wedding

A way better choice than a Christmas 'do.

new years eve wedding

At a time of year when all we can hear is Christmas, we still think a New Year’s Eve Wedding is a classier, sophisticated option.

If you’re like us right now at Wedding Journal HQ, you’re worried about what to do for New Year’s Eve. Forget Christmas, NYE is that one night of the year that presents feelings of anxiety in the heart of any socially-active person as the pressure to plan something exciting, fun and fantastic builds. Yeah yeah, we’ve all got that friend who proclaims they are staying in just because ‘it’s overrated’ but for those of us who want to go out and don’t know where to go, what to wear, or who to go with, the planning is a nightmare.

Then it occurred to us… If more people would just bite the bullet and set their wedding for New Year’s Eve it saves ALL the hassle. You have a go-to day and night out, and you are guaranteed an amazing time! Plus, if any of you are single bridesmaids, with a hunky groomsmen party you’re set for a midnight kiss too…

Engaged ladies, take one for the team and see why you NEED to throw a New Year’s Eve Wedding!

People never know what to do on NYE. Give them an option they literally can’t refuse.

new years eve wedding

Glitter is a perfectly acceptable wedding theme.

new years eve wedding
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As is *sparkle*.

new years eve wedding

Absolutely everyone is out to party (#noworkthenextday).

new years eve wedding
Kristina Lee Photography

You may get some great new year resolution tips!

new years eve wedding

Fireworks aren’t an option, they are necessary.

new years eve wedding

You’re guaranteed to be partying past midnight.

Wedding Favours are easy (blowers, fancy hats, silly glasses).

new years eve wedding

Champagne (or sparkling wine…) can flow all night long.

new years eve wedding
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Your colour choices can be anything you like (though we love a metallic and black NYE wedding…).

new years eve wedding

You’ll have something to look forward to when the buzz of Christmas wears off.

You will definitely get a late bar license.

new years eve wedding

A Photobooth is allowed, as is a sparkly backdrop.

new years eve wedding

It’s a great way to have a winter wedding that doesn’t seem like its too wintery.

new years eve wedding
Ashford Castle

You have the opportunity to plan an elaborate countdown.

Extravagance, decadence and indulgence is fully allowed for a NYE wedding.

new years eve wedding

Original decor can be utilised, like clocks or stopwatches.

new years eve wedding
Hostess with the Mostess Blog

What better way is there to start a new year than with a new SPOUSE!

And last but not least… you are guaranteed a kiss at midnight.

new years eve wedding