The Ultimate Wedding Hair Care Guide

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When it comes to your wedding photos you want your hair to be on point so protect it in the run up with WJ’s wedding hair care guide.

When it comes to your wedding photos, you want to flick and swish your glossy hair like you belong in a L’Oreal advert…you know, because you’re worth it but without proper hair care in the build up to your big day, there’s a chance you could look more like Boris Johnson caught in a wind tunnel.

Perfect wedding day tresses aren’t born on your wedding morning at the hands of a skilled stylist. Healthy wedding hair is the result of long-term treatment and maintenance. Tend to your hair with the same attention a gardener gives his best blooms – daily watering, a trim now and then and some general TLC.

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With that in mind, here are WJOnline’s top tips for keeping your wedding day hair looking fab:

Drink plenty of water

It sounds like an old wives’ tale, but the benefits of water are endless. As well as enhancing your physical wellbeing, water offers some cosmetic favours too – it’s good for your skin and nails and will add a natural shine to your wedding hair.

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Learn what type of hair you have

And care for it accordingly. If you’re not sure, pay a visit to a hair stylist and find out whether your hair is dry, oily, fine or course and buy shampoos and conditioners that cater especially to that type.

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Stop washing your hair

We’re not suggesting that you stop washing until your mane descends into a greasy dishevelled mess, but cut down on the amount you shampoo and condition your hair to give its natural oils a chance to work their magic. Cut back to around three washes per week and get yourself a bottle of Batiste Dry Shampoo for those in between days.

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Avoid heat

Blow-drying, straightening and curling can cause irreparable damage to your hair by burning and drying it out, resulting in split-ends. When possible, avoid using hot tools on your hair and buy a good quality heat protecting spray for when you absolutely must.


Trim it

If you’ve been growing your hair for your wedding, it may seem counter intuitive to start snipping it off. However, trimming is a proven way to stimulate growth and rejuvenates the ends. Most hairdressers recommend trims every 6-8 weeks to maintain a style or every 10-12 weeks if you’re growing your hair for your wedding.


Start using hair oil

Moroccan Oil shook the hair care world to its core when it was released a few years ago. Using Argan Oil, it strengthens hair, conditions and revives it almost instantly – it’s like a hair paramedic in a bottle! At a steep £30.45, it did become a bit of a luxury, but thankfully there is now a whole range of hair oils available that do the same job without breaking the bank. L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil is a firm favourite here at WJOnline and we especially love that £11.50 price tag. Available from

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Don’t wash your hair on the big day itself

This sounds a bit gross, but hairdressers generally advise against washing your hair on your wedding morning unless it is especially oily. Most stylists prefer you to do it the day/night before. Reason being, just-washed hair can be troublesome to style as it’s soft and unlikely to hold shape for very long.