Jamie and Christopher Chandler

Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day, but one bride went the extra mile to get her fairytale ending

Disney fanatics Jamie and Christopher Chandler from Missouri became an overnight internet sensation after posting photos from their 2011 wedding online.

The couple went to extraordinary lengths to create their Disney themed wedding. The pair took to the aisle in full Little Mermaid regalia; with the bride dressed as Ariel and Christoper as her prince charming Eric.

The couple encouraged their wedding party to immerse themselves in the theme and come along in costume. Everyone accepted the unconventional wedding theme in good spirits with the pastor even slipping on a subtle pair of Mickey Mouse ears.

The bride’s father gave her away appropriately dressed as King Triton. The groomsmen turned out as Scar from the Lion King and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. The bridesmaid looked aptly regal as various iconic Disney princesses, from Sleeping Beauty to Snow White.

Jamie and Christopher Chandler

The creative Disney theme even infiltrated the couple’s choice of wedding music. After walking down the aisle to the Little Mermaid’s Under the Sea, Jamie and Christopher sealed the deal to Kiss the Girl from the same film.

Speaking about their flamboyant wedding, groom Christopher told Today: “Disney was a large part of both of our lives while growing up, and it is something that we both associate with family.”

He also revealed that their extravagant nuptials took over two years to coordinate after Christopher proposed to Jamie in Disney World in 2009. The princess worthy engagement ring, of course, was in a glass slipper.

From the Mickey and Minnie Mouse cake toppers to the Disney movie themed table names, Jamie and Christopher’s wedding epitomised the fun and uninhibited romance associated with Disney. Let’s just hope they live happily ever after…

Christopher Chandler & guests