How to Grow your Hair for your Wedding

bride with long hair and clip


If you want long locks for the big day don’t miss out on WJ’s tips on how to grow your hair for your wedding

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Top left – Pinterest, bottom left – Becca Rillo Photography, right – Sandra Aberg Photography

Longer hair is more flexible and give brides more options when it comes to deciding on a wedding hairstyles. Many women also feel more feminine and confident with longer hair, and feel that it’s the best look to complement their wedding dress.

But, whether you’re the person whose hair doesn’t seem to grow, or the impulsive type who agonises over growing her hair only to spontaneously have it cut when she’s bored – getting your hair to the length you desire is a slow, painful and frustrating process.

So if you dream of long, flowing, shiny waves of lustrous mermaid locks on your wedding day, we have some tips on getting it to grow…

1. Get regular trims

Salons recommend visiting every 6-8 weeks to have your hair trimmed. However, if you hair grows at a snail’s pace, and is fairly healthy, this could be too often to give it a chance to grow. That said, it is essential to remove split ends. There is no remedy for split ends once they have occurred; they need to be removed or else they will travel further up the hair stand and damage it more.

2. Use a hair oil

You may have noticed the shelves in beauty stores to be filling up with hair oils. Almost every brand has one. We recommend Moroccan Oil, which is pricey at about £30 a bottle, or pure Argan oil. Hair oil has been credited with bringing new life to dry and damaged hair. It also make your hair silkier and easier to manage. We think it’s liquid gold!

3. Eat healthily

Ok, this is a boring tip, but it’s an important one. Healthy hair doesn’t just come as a result of looking after your locks, it also comes from eating well. The nutrients you eat will fortify your hair follicles and produce strong, healthy strands of hair. Salmon and fish with fatty acids, as well as nuts will have a visible impact on your hair health. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too.

4. Consider supplements

B vitamins and Folic acid, mostly recommended for pregnant women, have been known to benefit hair as it renews the cells that aid the growth of hair.

5. Deep condition

Deep conditioning can restore the health of your hair. There are various ways to do this. Either book an appointment with a salon, or buy an over the counter deep conditioner and follow the instructions. You could also try applying your favourite conditioner to the ends of your hair before bed, plaiting these lengths, going to sleep and washing it out in the morning for a deep conditioning effect.

6. Lay off the heat

Hair dryers, curling tongs, flat irons, straighteners – applying heat to your hair often, or on a daily basis is one of the worst things you can do to your lovely locks. Heat can damage the cuticle and create those dreaded split ends. If you use a lot of heat on your hair, always use a protective spray and turn down the heat slightly if you can.

7. Wash it less

Washing often can strip the hair of its natural oils and make it look dry. The hair then tries to overcompensate and replenishes the oils, making the hair more prone to greasiness. Try to wash your hair every other day and stock up on dry shampoo for the in between days – it’s a God send!

8. Stop brushing it

Many women believe that brushing their hair often will make it healthier, when in fact they could be doing damage. Rough brushing and back-combing especially, can break strands. Try not to brush your hair when it’s wet, and if you do, be careful. When brushing wet hair, start and the bottom and work your way up.

9. Be patient

Growing your hair is hard work as you try to deal with those awkward stage and in-between lengths. Resist the urge to get a re-style or have it chopped off. A bit of patience now will serve you in the long run.

10. Try a hair growing shampoo

Many women swear by shampoos which promise to make your hair grow quicker, so Lana Richardson from Wedding Journal decided to give one of the most popular brands a go…

“I’m one of those women who is never happy with her hair (but then, are any of us, really?) I’ve had every style you can think of, in every colour. I once even championed a blonde AND ginger mullet. No joke.

“At the moment, my hair is just past shoulder-length. I’m trying to get it a few inches longer and also get rid of an irritating fringe in the process. The only problem is, my hair won’t grow. I do everything required – trim when I need to, deep condition, the whole shebang. So when everything proved futile, I decided to give FAST shampoo and conditioner a go.

“FAST stands for fortified amino strand therapy and “is a special blend of natural herbs and essential amino acids which provides the basis for the ultimate in quick healthy hair growth.”

“I’ll admit, I was sceptical, and also slightly put off by the chemical smell of the products. Nevertheless, after four weeks, I’m very impressed with the results. My hair has grown about half an inch in length and my fringe is almost a full inch longer – long enough to sweep it to the side and try to forget about. My hair is also noticeably healthier looking and a bit fuller at the ends.”