Bride wore her vintage wedding dress for vow renewal

couple renew vows for golden anniversary

When Kathleen and Terence Scruton renewed their vows on their golden anniversary the bride wore her vintage wedding dress 50 years later!

When Terence Scruton beat cancer he and his wife Kathleen wanted to celebrate their second chance at happiness, and decided a vow renewal would be the perfect way to do that.

History repeated itself as the couple made the exact same vows as they had pledged 50 years earlier; to love, honour and respect each other. Kathleen wore the same size 10 silk and lace wedding gown, although this wedding was somewhat different to the first; guests included their grownup children and grandchildren, and Kathleen’s 18-year old grandson Matthew walked her down the aisle.

72- year old Kathleen said:

My wedding dress had been boxed up for 47 years, but when I slipped into it, it was as though I was 21 again.

It was wonderful to walk down the aisle again. All the memories of our first wedding day came flooding back. It felt like only yesterday.”

The happy couple met at a dance on New Year’s Eve 1963 and felt an instant attraction. They arranged to meet for a drink in their local pub a week later. Kathleen said:

I was so nervous. I had butterflies and knew within minutes of being with Terence he was the man for me.”

After a whirlwind five month romance Terence proposed to Kathleen on her 21st birthday. Their couple ‘scrimped and saved’ to pay for their Hull wedding which cost a total of £30. Kathleen said:

Back then it cost 5 shillings and 6d a head. And our three-tier fruit cake cost £7. My mum paid for it, but had to go back to work to afford it.

We had 60 guests followed by a reception. We had a ham salad buffet and a glass of sherry each. At 6pm we caught the train to London for our three-night honeymoon.”

She added:

Just like our marriage, the dress has stood the test of time.”


Featured image- Mirror